Indicator List of Category: INFRASTRUCTURE
Indicator Unit Definition
Air Transport, Freight Million Ton - Km Air freight is the volume of freight, express, and diplomatic bags carried on each flight stage (operation of an aircraft from takeoff to its next landing), measured in metric tons times kilometers traveled.
Air Transport, Passengers Carried Number Air passengers carried include both domestic and international aircraft passengers of air carriers registered in the country.
Air Transport, Registered Carrier Departures Worldwide Number Registered carrier departures worldwide are domestic takeoffs and takeoffs abroad of air carriers registered in the country.
Cellular Mobile Telephone Subscribers per 100 persons Number Mobile cellular telephone subscribers (post-paid + prepaid) refer to the use of portable telephones subscribing to a public mobile telephone service and provides access to Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) using cellular technology.
Internet Bandwidth, International Megabits / Second Total capacity of international Internet bandwidth in megabits per second. If capacity is asymmetric (i.e., more incoming than outgoing), the incoming capacity should be provided.
Internet Speed, Fixed Broadband Megabits / Second Fixed (wired) broadband speed represents the advertised maximum theoritical download speed and not speeds guranteed to users in megabits per second.
Internet Subscribers per 100 persons Number The total number of internet subscribers per 100 persons. The total internet subscribers includes dial-up, total fixed broadband subscribers, cable modem, DSL Internet subscribers, other broadband and leased line internet subscribers.
Internet Users per 100 persons Number Internet users are people with access to the worldwide network.
Merchant Shipping: Fleets Dead Weight Tonnes in Thousands All ships, oil tankers and ore and bulk carrier fleets registered in a country.
Motor Vehicles in Use: Commercial Vehicles Thousand Units Commercial vehicles include light commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, coaches and buses.
Motor Vehicles in Use: Passenger Cars Thousand Units Passenger cars are motor vehicles with at least four wheels, used for the transport of passengers, and comprising no more than eight seats in addition to the driver's seat.
Personal Computers Number The number of Personal Computers (PC) measures the number of computers installed in a country. The statistic includes PCs, Laptops, notebooks etc.
Rail lines (total route-km) Kilometers Rail lines are the length of railway route available for train service, irrespective of the number of parallel tracks.
Railways, Goods Transported Million Ton - Km Goods transported by railway are the volume of goods transported by railway, measured in metric tons times kilometers traveled. Net ton-kilometres are freight net ton-kilometres and include both fast and ordinary goods services but exclude service traffic, mail, baggage and non revenue governmental stores.
Railways, Passengers Carried Million Passenger - Km Passengers carried by railway are the number of passengers transported by rail times kilometers traveled . (i.e. Domestic and international traffic on all railway lines within each country.) Passenger kilometres include all passengers except military, government and railway personnel when carried without revenue.
Revenue,Telecomunication Services US Dollars This is the total (gross) telecommunication revenue earned from all (fixed, mobile and data including Internet) operators (both network and virtual operators) offering services within the country. This should exclude revenues from non-telecommunications services. Revenue (turnover) consists of telecommunication service earnings during the financial year under review. This should refer to actual revenues earned by retailers and not from wholesale. Revenue should not include monies received in respect of revenue earned during previous financial years, neither does it include monies received by way of loans from governments, or external investors, nor monies received from repayable subscribers' contributions or deposits. Revenues should be net of royalties. It should exclude revenues generated from traditional broadcasting. This indicator is expressed in US$.
Roads, Paved (% of total network) Percentages Paved roads are those surfaced with crushed stone (macadam) and hydrocarbon binder or bituminized agents, with concrete, or with cobblestones, as a percentage of all the country's roads, measured in length.
Roads, total network (km) Kilometers The road network includes all roads in the country—motorways, highways, main or national roads, secondary or regional roads, and other urban and rural roads
Telephone Lines in Operation per 100 persons Number The telephone lines connecting the subscriber’s terminal equipment to the public switched network and which have dedicated ports in the telephone exchange equipment. Integrated services digital network channels ands fixed wireless subscribers are included.
Television Receivers Thousands The total no of television sets .A television set is a device capable of receiving broadcast television signals, using popular access means such as over-the-air, cable and satellite.