Indicator List of Category: TOURISM
Indicator Unit Definition
Balance of Foreign Travel Million USD Calculated by subtracting the Tourism Expenditures from the Tourism Receipts.
Balance of International Tourism as % of GDP Percentages An indicator used for measuring the net contribution of the international tourism sector to the economy of a country evaluated by relating the balance of international tourism as a percentage of the GDP.
International Tourism Receipts as % of Exports Percentages An indicator used or measuring the role of international tourism activity as a source of foreign exchange evaluated by relating the international tourism receipts as a percentage of the total merchandise exports.
Intra-OIC Tourist Arrivals Thousands An indicator used to measure the arrivals of tourist in OIC member countries from other OIC member countries.
Number of Tourist Arrivals Thousands Every person visiting another country than the one originaly living in for any other reason than remuneration.
Tourism Expenditures Million USD The expenditure on tourism outside their country of residence made by visitors (same-day visitors and tourists) from a given country of origin.
Tourism Receipts Million USD The receipts earned by a destination country from inbound tourism and cover all tourism receipts resulting from expenditure made by visitors from abroad, on for instance lodging, food and drinks, fuel, transport in the country, entertainment, shopping, etc.