MPOWER: Enforce bans on tobacco advertising (Numeric Value)
Definition :

Country's legislation is assessed to determine whether all or any forms of tobacco advertising promotion and sposorship are banned. The groupings for this indicator are: 1 = Data not reported 2 = Complete absence of ban, or ban that does not cover national television (TV), radio and print media 3 = Ban on national TV, radio and print media only 4 = Ban on national TV, radio and print media as well as on some but not all other forms of direct* and/or indirect** advertising 5 = Ban on all forms of direct* and indirect** advertising. * Direct advertising bans: • national television and radio; • local magazines and newspapers; • billboards and outdoor advertising; • point of sale. ** Indirect advertising bans: • free distribution of tobacco products in the mail or through other means; • promotional discounts; • non-tobacco products identified with tobacco brand names (brand extension); • brand names of non-tobacco products used for tobacco products; • appearance of tobacco products in television and/or films; • sponsored events.