4.c.1 Proportion of Teachers in Pre-Primary Education who have Received at least the Minimum Organized Teacher Training (e.g. pedagogical training) Pre-Service or in-Service Required for Teaching at the Relevant Level, Female (Percent)
Definition :

This indicator measures the share of the female teaching work force in pre-primary education which has appropriate and relevant pedagogical training. A trained teacher is one who has fulfilled at least the minimum organized teacher-training requirements (pre-service or in-service) to teach a specific level of education according to the relevant national policy or law. These requirements usually include pedagogical knowledge (broad principles and strategies of classroom management and organization that transcend the subject matter being taught - typically approaches, methods and techniques of teaching), and professional knowledge (knowledge of statutory instruments and other legal frameworks that govern the teaching profession). Some programmes may also cover content knowledge (knowledge of the curriculum and the subject matter to be taught and the use of relevant materials).