SESRIC to organise a Seminar on 'IPO and Bond Issue as a Way for Company Development'
Date : 20 November 2018 Venue : Baku Azerbaijan

SESRIC, in collaboration with Baku Stock Exchange and Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation, will organize a Seminar on “IPO and Bond Issue as a Way for Company Development” on 20 November 2018 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The Seminar will be organized within the framework of OIC Stock Exchanges Capacity Building Programme (OIC SEP) and has as main objective to help mid-level managers, who have the responsibility of providing services to the society, to develop and initiate new projects, development of medium entrepreneurship etc. The seminar also aims to create an environment where experience can be exchanged.

Among other things, the Seminar will examine the role of IPO in the Development of Medium Entrepreneurship; explore Advisory Program in Baku Stock Exchange; discuss Corporate Bonds and Experience Sharing. Other topics include; Support Medium Entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan; Socar Bonds as the Invest Tool and Emba Finance as Bond Experience.