Visit of the National Statistical Organization of Indonesia to SESRIC
Date : 26 March 2010 Venue : Ankara - Turkey

The delegates of the National Statistical Organization of Indonesia, Budan Pusat Statistik (BPS), who participated “The Meeting of National Statistical Organization of the OIC Member Countries” organized by SESRIC and IDB in İstanbul on 22-23 March 2010, visited the Headquarters of SESRIC in Ankara on 26 March 2010. The delegation of BPS was headed by Mr. Rusman Heriawan, Chief Statistician.

Mr. Heriawan briefly introduced the activities of the BPS. Especially, he focused on the census that will take place next month in Indonesia, and he touched upon the difficulties specific to Indonesia due to its geographic conditions especially pertaining to widespread number of islands. Moreover, he gave information about their active roles within the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) and the United Nations Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (UNSIAP). Especially, the training activities of UNSIAP were interesting for the Centre for the possible future cooperation.

On his side, Dr. Alpay briefly informed his guests on the statistical and research activities of the SESRIC. Both parties exchanged views on how to increase the relations between the BPS and the Centre.