Second Meeting of the Monitoring and Advisory Committee (MAC) of the Vocational Education and Training Programme for OIC Member Countries (OIC-VET)
Date : 11-12 May 2010 Venue : Antalya - Turkey

The Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) organised the Second Meeting of the Monitoring and Advisory Committee (MAC) of the Vocational Education and Training Programme for OIC Member Countries (OIC-VET) in Antalya, Republic of Turkey, on 11-12 May 2010, on the sideline of the 26th Meeting of the Follow-up Committee of the COMCEC. The main purpose of the Meeting, which was chaired by Mr. Mehmet Fatih Serenli; Director of Training and Technical Cooperation Department at SESRIC, was to review the implementation process of the OIC-VET Programme since the First Meeting of the MAC. The Meeting was attended by the delegations of the National Focal Points (NFPs) of the OIC Member States, namely Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Indonesia, Iran, Morocco, Qatar, Senegal, Turkey and Yemen. Also present were representatives of the OIC General Secretariat and the concerned OIC Institutions, namely COMCEC, IDB, ICCI, ISESCO, OISA, and SESRIC.

The Meeting started with the opening statement of Mr. Mehmet Fatih Serenli where he highlighted the importance of vocational education and training, in particular against the backdrop of socio-economic conditions in the OIC Member Countries, and emphasized that the Official Launch of the OIV-VET Programme by the COMCEC Economic Summit in Istanbul on 9 November 2009 by the heads of states and governments of OIC Member Countries shows that vocational education and training is becoming more recognized as a tool for improving the quality of human capital resources and realise socio-economic development in member countries. He articulated his belief that through close cooperation and networking among the national focal points of the Programme, the OIC-VET Programme will establish a larger community of beneficiaries and realise its noble goals and objectives.

Mr. Nader Jamil Abdulhamid (SESRIC) briefed the participants on the OIC-VET Programme and pointed out to the activities completed and the efforts undertaken by SESRIC since the First Meeting of the MAC. He then explained in details the related infrastructural arrangements undertaken by SESRIC, namely the OIC-VET Portal, OIC-VET Partners Database, and OIC-VET Training Module, in addition to several supporting documents. Mr. Abdulhamid also briefed the participants on the current Pilot Projects undertaken by SESRIC and also informed that SESRIC has already incorporated its long-standing Capacity Building Programme into the OIC-VET. Mr. Abdulhamid also announced that SESRIC has recently initiated two new capacity building programmes; Ibn Sina Programme for health professionals and OIC Occupational Health and Safety Capacity Building Programme (OHSCaB).

The Meeting heard presentations of country experiences in vocational education and training in an OIC context, as well as brief updates about existing and planned activities of OIC Institutions in the field of VET, potential roles each could play and take in the OIC-VET Programme. Participants of the Meeting summarised the state of VET capacity in each country and lessons learnt from their experience for matching the existing competences, and identify possible areas of future cooperation.

Then, the participants were briefed on the ongoing and planned activities of SESRIC with respect to the OIC-VET Pilot Phase, namely the Training for NFPs, OIC-VET Trainers Database, OIC-VET Projects Database, Networking among Centres of Excellence, OIC-VET Promotional Activities, and Pilot Projects. Mr. Murat Ilkin (SESRIC) briefed the participants on the Pilot Projects prepared and being implemented by SESRIC in consultation with the NFPs of the Programme and institutions in member countries. Mr. Ilkin pointed out to the different chosen sectors and, in this respect; Mr. Ilkin explained how potential beneficiaries are chosen with respect to different sectors. Within those Pilot Projects prepared by SESRIC, Mr. Ilkin stated that the selected sectors vary from fisheries and aquaculture to vocational nursing training and from cotton growing and irrigation techniques to managing people in emergencies.

Following SESRIC presentation on pilot projects, representatives of National Focal Points and the concerned OIC organs presented their experience about VET in their respective countries and proposed pilot projects to be implemented during the Pilot Phase.

Inspired by the presentation of the Implementation Report prepared by SESRIC, the participants expressed their satisfaction of the implemented activities and adopted a number of decisions and recommendations for the coming period until the next MAC Meeting. The Meeting also agreed on possible areas and projects promoted by the National Focal Points of the Programme for consideration and implementation during the OIC-VET Pilot Application Phase.

Meeting Programme

List of Participants


SESRIC Opening Statement


Review of the progress in the implementation of the OIC-VET Programme since the First Meeting of MAC, SESRIC, Mr. Nader Jamil Abdulhamid

Activities in line with the implementation of the OIC-VET Pilot Phase, SESRIC, Mr. Nader Jamil Abdulhamid

Presentation and discussion of Pilot Projects prepared by the NFPs and other OIC Organs, SESRIC, Mr. Murat Ilkin

Presentation of ISESCO (English - Arabic)

Country experience, Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilqaz Nadirov
Country experience, Indonesia, Mr. Mohammad Mustaghfirin Amin
Country experience, Iran, Mr. Reza Bajoulvad and Mr. Mohammad Alishahi (Video)
Country experience, Morocco, Mr. Zamani Mohammed Said
Country experience, Senegal, Mr. Ousmane Ngom Leye
Country experience, Turkey, Mrs. Zehra Adiyaman