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Coordination Meeting of OIC Institutions Working in the Economic Domain
Date : 21-22 January 2012 Venue : Jeddah Saudi Arabia

The Coordination Meeting of OIC Institutions Working in the Economic Domain was held at OIC Headquarters on 21-22 January 2012 with the participation of the following OIC Institutions working in the economy domain: OIC General Secretariat (Department of Economic Affairs), IDB (ISFD, ICD, ITFC), SESRIC, COMCEC Coordination Office, ICCI, ICDT, and OISA. The Meeting was chaired by H.E. Amb. Hameed A. Opeloyeru, Assistant Secretary General for Economic Affairs.

Following the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, H.E. Amb. Hameed Opeloyeru, Assistant Secretary General for Economic Affairs, read out the address of General Secretariat of the OIC. In his address, it was observed that the technical contributions of OIC institutions and the COMCEC Coordination Office have led to the progress recorded in the implementation of the various OIC programmes. He emphasized that OIC intended activities for the promotion of the role of the Private Sector in the various developmental activities of Member States would contribute greatly to OIC efforts towards increasing investment and addressing the spate of unemployment among ever increasing youthful population in Member States.

The Meeting received presentations and briefings on the on-going activities of the relevant OIC institutions and COMCEC Coordination Office (CCO) with regard to the implementation of OIC resolutions in the economic domain. It also acknowledged the written updates submitted by SESRIC, ICDT and ITFC respectively. In this regard, the Meeting called on other OIC institutions to submit their written updates to the General Secretariat at their earliest convenience. This is to facilitate the early compilation of the Secretary General’s Report for the Islamic Commission on Economic, Cultural and Social Affairs.

The Meeting took note of the developing cooperation among OIC institutions on seemingly identical projects, such as SESRIC’s OIC-VET and ISFD’s VOLIP. The Meeting recognized the need to further sensitize OIC Member States on the activities of SMIIC since its inception in order to encourage them to join this affiliated institution. The Meeting also suggested the inclusion of Azerbaijan and Afghanistan in the OIC Action Plan for Cooperation with Central Asia. Following presentations and discussions, the Meeting agreed on a chart of required actions for implementation of OIC resolutions in the economic domain.


  • Matrix of Necessary Actions (English)

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