Training Course on 'Population and Demography' in Jordan
Date : 19-21 August 2007 Venue : Amman - Jordan

Amman, JordanIn accordance with the response of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Department of Statistics to the Centre’s questionnaire on statistical capacity building, the Centre has organised this course at the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Department of Statistics. The course has been provided by the experts from the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics of Egypt.

Target Audience: Mid-level/Senior Statisticians of the Department of Statistics in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Objective: Improving Statistical Capacity Performance of the Department of Statistics in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan  “Population & Demography“ and “Census / Surveys and Sampling Techniques“.

Training Content:

  • Sampling Design: Cluster sampling; Design effect (deff); Inter-class Correlation; Sample Size estimation for Household and Business Surveys; Type and features of good sampling frames; Frame updating; Design weights; and two options for Cluster Sampling designs.
  • Compensation Methods: Weighting Adjustment and Imputation Methods;
  • Sample Rotation: panel surveys in general and the usefulness of sample overlap in increasing the precision of sample estimates;
  • Survey Estimation: Mean, Proportion, Total, Ratio; Sampling error and Variance estimation; The estimation of standard error, coefficient of variation, confidence interval using CENVAR: the Variance Estimation Module of IMPS Package.