SESRIC and ICRIC to organise a Workshop on ‘Effect of Entrepreneurship Strategies on SMEs Development’
Date : 30 April - 01 May 2019 Venue : Tehran Iran

SESRIC and the Islamic Chamber Research and Information Center (ICRIC) will jointly organise a 2-day workshop on “Effect of Entrepreneurship Strategies on SMEs Development” on 30 April - 01 May 2019 in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.

The workshop aims to develop an effective way of understanding the modern economy, the role of entrepreneurs and SMEs in the economic growth and discuss how to strengthen and improve the competitiveness of SMEs in a globalized economy.

The workshop will bring together private sector representatives, representatives of provincial chambers, academicians and the developers of the SME policies in the governmental sector to discuss the challenges and potential solutions in a holistic approach.

The workshop will provide the required knowledge to SMEs and its stakeholders to prepare them to encounter the complicated economic environment, identify their needs, examine different policies and regulation and familiarize them with some successful examples.