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Water Resources and Water Related Issues in OIC Member Countries
Date : 10 September 2009

Fresh water is essential element for life and it is virtual for all human, economical and natural activities like agriculture, industry, household, recreation and environment. Fresh water is only 2.5% of the total water on earth with an over two thirds of it in frozen form. While small fraction flows as surface water or in the air, the rest accumulated as ground water.

As the demand for clean fresh water increases steadily, its supply has been declining at an alarming rates. Water scarcity is emerging as a major development challenge for many countries. While in some countries water availability is a key concern, other countries with expanding urban settlements, industrial sectors, and commercialized agriculture, water quality is a major concern. Still one can argue that water scarcity, whether qualitative, quantitative, or both, originates from inefficient utilization and poor management of water in most of the countries, although the nature and severity of water scarcity vary from one country to another and one region to another.

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