Thematic Maps on OIC Member Countries

SESRIC is pleased to announce the addition of maps on OIC Member Countries focusing on the key themes ranging from GDP to foreign trade, demography to energy balance. The thematic maps display the comparative situation of the OIC Member Countries for the given theme with varying colours. The bar/line charts also accompany the maps to display the Top 10 OIC Member Countries for the theme in concern and performance of the OIC as a group with respect to World, Developed and Developing Countries for a specific time interval.

Please click on the following links to see the thematic maps on the OIC Member Countries:

  1. Total Population (Millions, 2009)
  2. Total Population, 2006
  1. Energy Balance, 2006
  2. Energy Balance, 2005
  1. Total Renewable Water Sources Per Capita, 2007
National Accounts
  1. Gross Domestic Product at Current Prices (Billion USD, 2009)
  2. Gross Domestic Product at Current Prices (Billion USD, 2008)
  3. GDP in current USD (Billion), 2007 (Ver. 1)
  4. GDP in current USD (Billion), 2007 (Ver. 2)
Science and Technology
  1. Total Number of Articles Published in Citation Indices (2008)
  2. Scientific Articles Published per Million People (2008)
  3. Personal Computers per 100 People (2006)
  1. Intra-OIC Exports ($), 2008
  2. Intra-OIC Imports ($), 2008
  3. Intra-OIC Exports ($), 2007
  4. Intra-OIC Imports ($), 2007
  5. OIC Exports to World (Billion $), 2007
  6. OIC Imports from World (Billion $), 2007