Universities of OIC Member States

Universities are centres of knowledge established to extend the borders of science and nourish the rays of hope for development in every society. They especially play an important role in the OIC Member Countries which are under serious pressure to strengthen their economies amidst an increasingly competitive global environment, ensure a sustainable development and free their peoples from the grip of poverty. However, the concentration of R&D activities and, hence, technological developments and knowledge in the developed countries is widening the gap that separates them from the developing world. Furthermore, the level of higher education which is yet to be enhanced and the deficient technological base in the OIC countries have increased the need for sharing resources and experiences. In this respect, the establishment of technical cooperation among universities of the member countries and the employment of specialised academics would undoubtedly serve the fast and effective attainment of this objective.

With the above in mind, the SESRIC has embarked on the task of compiling a Directory of Universities in the OIC Member Countries. In fact, by enriching its database in the field of technical cooperation, the Centre aims to be instrumental in facilitating independent interaction among universities in the member countries. In addition to its value as a substantial reference source, the Directory is also intended as a basis for further studies considered by the Centre.

In the process of preparing the Directory, the Centre resorted to numerous sources, with a view to covering as much universities in the member countries as possible, and utmost care was taken to reach detailed and up-to-date information. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information included, the blueprint of each national list was sent to the concerned member country through its embassy in Ankara, if any, or directly to its Ministry of Foreign Affairs for any comments or changes. All responses received were reflected on this final output. We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and gratitude to those member countries that, through their prompt replies, helped us update our information.

Needless to say, the directory is by no means complete. All suggestions made to enrich and update its content are most welcome.

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Afghanistan (2) Albania (9) Algeria (34) Azerbaijan (23)
Bahrain (2) Bangladesh (18) Benin (2) Brunei (1)
Burkina Faso (3) Cameroon (6) Chad (1) Cote d'Ivoire (5)
Djibouti (1) Egypt (19) Gambia (1) Guinea (2)
Guinea-Bissau (2) Guyana (1) Indonesia (70) Iran (27)
Iraq (14) Jordan (15) Kazakhstan (61) Kuwait (1)
Kyrgyzstan (5) Lebanon (19) Libya (11) Malaysia (17)
Mali (2) Mauritania (1) Morocco (10) Mozambique (1)
Niger (2) Nigeria (57) Oman (2) Pakistan (126)
Palestine (11) Qatar (4) Saudi Arabia (9) Senegal (2)
Sierra Leone (1) Somalia (2) Sudan (18) Suriname (1)
Syria (4) Tajikistan (3) Togo (1) Tunisia (11)
Turkey (127) Turkmenistan (3) Uganda (16) United Arab Emirates (14)
Uzbekistan (4) Yemen (8)