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Turkmenistan – President Approves National Action Plan on Tobacco Control
Date : 12 March 2012

On 6 January 2012 Turkmenistan adopted, through a Presidential Order, the National Action Plan on Tobacco Control 2012-2016.

The Action Plan covers six main areas:

  • development of WHO FCTC-compliant national legislation on tobacco control;
  • training of health professionals in provision of cessation advice and strengthening of cessation services;
  • awareness raising on tobacco-related matters among the population at large and medical students;
  • enforcement of smoke-free legislation and rules governing sales of tobacco products to minors;
  • research in the area of cessation; and
  • strengthening of collaboration with international organizations in scientific and technical matters concerning prevention of tobacco use.

A working group led by the Minister of Health and comprising leading medical and health institutions, agencies and organizations was also established, to contribute to and advise on the development of new tobacco-control legislation and to follow up and review implementation of the Action Plan.


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