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Senegal– New tobacco control law adopted
Date : 14 March 2014

On 14 March 2014, the National Assembly of Senegal adopted a law “on the manufacturing, packaging and labelling, sale and use of tobacco”. The new act introduces measures in line with the requirements of the WHO FCTC such as:

  • requiring testing of the contents and emissions of tobacco products and establishing an oversight authority; the law also requires manufacturers and importers of tobacco products to provide information annually on the contents and emissions of tobacco products;
  • mandating pictorial health warnings on all packaging of tobacco products, to occupy at least 70% of both sides of packages;
  • banning misleading descriptors, such as “light”, “ultra-light”, “mild”, etc.;
  • banning all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship;
  • prohibiting sales of tobacco products in (and within and within 200 metres of) educational, health, sports, and cultural establishments;
  • banning sales of tobacco products to and by minors;
  • banning smoking in all enclosed public places and workplaces, including public transport; however, a closed and isolated smoking area may be established in hotels, restaurants and airports (young people aged less than 18 years are not allowed to use these facilities and service is not provided in such areas);
  • manufacturing and sale of tobacco products is only allowed after pre-authorization, with the conditions to be established in a decree.

Non-compliance will attract sanctions, which are also described in detail in the Act.

The law also formally prohibits any interference by the tobacco industry in national health policies (Article 1 of the Act).
(http://www.who.int/fctc/implementation/news/news_sen/en/ )

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