Training Course on ‘Transport Statistics’ in Mauritania
Date : 05-08 September 2016 Venue : Nouakchott - Mauritania

In accordance with its 2016 Annual Work Plan and within the framework of Statistical Capacity Building (StatCaB) Programme, SESRIC has organised the Training Course on ‘Transport Statistics' at National Statistical Office (ONS) of Islamic Republic of Mauritania on 5-8 September 2016.

The Training Course was conducted by Mrs. Magda Ahmed Metwaly, General Manager of Transport Department at the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) of Arab Republic of Egypt with the participation of 20 officials of ONS.

As defined in the Classification of Statistical Activities (CSA Rev. 1 - October 2009;; Transport – covers statistics on all modes of transport (air, rail, road, inland waterways, sea), included topics like transport infrastructure, equipment, traffic flows, personal mobility, safety, energy consumption, transport enterprises, passengers and freight transport, transport sector trends, and road traffic accidents.

The Training Course on 'Transport Statistics’ included discussion activities with a focus on the following topics:

  • General introduction on transportation,
  • Transportation statistics publications issued by the CAPMAS,
  • Phases of statistics production,
  • Inventory statistics of licensed vehicles,
  • Public transport passenger statistics inside and outside the cities,
  • Air transportation statistics,
  • River transport of passengers and goods statistics,
  • Transportation of goods by road, and
  • Sustainable Development Goals, Egypt Strategy 2030.

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