OIC-Countries In Figures (OIC-CIF)

OIC-Countries In Figures (OIC-CIF) presents the most recent available information with facts and figures from the 57 Member States of the OIC.

After clicking either on the flag or the name of the OIC Member Country listed below, the profile of the selected country is displayed. These profiles provide quick access to the information for each country under 9 sections, namely Background, Geography and Climate, Society and Demographics, Government and Politics, Economy and Sectors, Country in Figures, International Partnerships, Logistics, and Special Links.

The profile of each country is downloadable as an XML based spreadsheet file (which can be accessed after clicking on the Export Report button available in the bottom-right corner). The contents of the profile page can be customised based on the preferences of the user by selecting the section or indicators (by default, all sections are chosen as indicated with “✓” sign) to be shown in the XML based spreadsheet file.

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