Reverse Linkage is a technical cooperation mechanism introduced by the Islamic Development Bank Group (IsDB) to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise, as well as sharing of best practices amongst partnering OIC Member States. In an effort to develop the capacities of the OIC Member States and devise solutions for their autonomous development, Reverse Linkage is considered as a valuable peer-to-peer South-South cooperation modality with a win-win arrangements for all partnering institutions.

SESRIC, in collaboration with IsDB and other partners, has engaged in the following Reverse Linkage projects:

  1. Reverse Linkage for Uganda: Capacity Development of Vocational Training Centre at the Islamic University in Uganda
  2. Reverse Linkage for The Gambia: Capacity Development of the School of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences of the University of The Gambia
  3. Reverse Linkage for Bangladesh: Cotton Varieties Development
  4. Reverse Linkage for Pakistan: Earthquake Seismological Research
  5. Reverse Linkage for Sudan: Capacity Development of the Africa City of Technology