OIC International Student Internship Programme (OIC-ISIP)
Date: 23 June 2010

The OIC International Student Internship Programme (OIC-ISIP) is a special international internship programme developed under the OIC-VET Programme, and aims to enhance the quality of workforce employed in OIC Member Countries and strengthen integrity and convergence of labour markets, and promote competitiveness of OIC economies through increasing knowledge and skills of university students about to enter into the labour market in accordance with national legislation and practices. The pilot application of the OIC-ISIP started in the summer 2010 in collaboration with two NGOs, namely the Independent Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (MÜSİAD) and BABIALEM International Student Association, recruiting university students from different OIC Member Countries in companies in Istanbul. From the year 2011 on, the OIC-ISIP programme is intended to operate fully as an internationally recognised internship programme by all OIC Member Countries under the International Business Forum (IBF), which will cater to the basic training needs of the university students pursuing different degrees in OIC universities.

MÜSİAD is one of the largest Turkish NGOs operating in the area of industry and business with 28 branches and more than 3000 members associated with 90 contact points in 40 different countries since its inception in 1990. MÜSİAD assumed the rare status of “Association for Public Good” in 2005. It organises the International Business Forum every year parallel to the ordinary COMCEC sessions as voluntarily-based, non-governmental platform for gathering of Muslim business people from all over the globe where they try to stimulate trade, investment and co-operation.

BABIALEM International Student Association is an active NGO that provides free counselling and advisory services for the university students coming to pursue their study in Turkey since 2004. In addition to its normal services, BABIALEM organises many seminars and workshops; international social, cultural and sports events; and various contests in order to encourage the spirit of friendship and brotherhood among the students.