Tabriz, The Capital of Islamic Tourism for 2018
Date: 06 March 2018

The historical city of Tabriz in Iran was selected as the Capital of Islamic Tourism for 2018.

The announcement was made during the 9th Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers held on 21-23 December 2017 in Niamey, Niger, where ministers of tourism of OIC Member Countries approved Tabriz as the capital of Islamic tourism for 2018.

Numerous famous Islamic cities, rich in history and culture, were nominated as candidates, among which Tabriz was chosen. The decision was made taking into consideration the cultural and historical heritage of the city, as well as its tourism potential.

Tabriz is the third largest city in Iran, with a rich cultural and historical tradition. It is located in a province with many natural attractions such as the Kandovan village, Arasbaran forests, the Kabid Mosque, the Azerbaijan Musem and many others. Furthermore, the cultural and ethnic characteristics of its people, make Tabriz an attraction for tourists from around the world.

Many activities are planned by the Municipality of Tabriz to enable visitors to get acquired with Islamic and tourist sites. The activities are aimed at presenting the cultural and natural beauties and highlight important historical landmarks through visits and cultural programmes.

“The Tourism Capital City of Islamic Countries” firstly was announced by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in 2015, with Jerusalem (Al-Quds) as the Capital of Islamic Tourism.  Other cities that carried the title in previous years where Konya (Turkey) 2016 and Madina (Saudi Arabia) 2017.

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