SESRIC Reports on the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009
Date: 15 March 2011

The financial crisis which started in July 2007, when investors lost their confidence in the value of securitised mortgages in the United States, has been deepened during 2008-2009 with a global reach and affecting a wide range of financial and economic activities and institutions in both developed and developing countries around the world. As the crisis deepened, the governments of major developed and developing countries as well as international financial regulators attempted to take some mitigation actions and coordinate efforts to contain the crisis.

Given this state of affairs, the SESRIC prepared six short reports during the period May 2009 to June 2010 with the aim of monitoring the developments related to the current global financial crisis at the global, regional and national levels. In particular, these reports focus on the impact of the crisis on the economies of the developing countries, including the OIC Members, and highlight the actions taken by these countries to contain the negative impact of the crisis on their economies.

Online Electronic Version

SESRIC Report No. 9, July-December 2011 (English)

SESRIC Report No. 8, January-June 2011 (English)

SESRIC Report No. 7, July-December 2010 (English)

SESRIC Report No. 6, January-June 2010 (English)

SESRIC Report No. 5, October-December 2009 (English)

SESRIC Report No. 4, August-September 2009 (English) (Arabic) (French)

SESRIC Report No. 3, July 2009 (English) (Arabic) (French)

SESRIC Report No. 2, June 2009 (English) (Arabic) (French)

SESRIC Report No. 1, May 2009 (English) (Arabic)