Training Course on 'Information Society Statistics' in Suriname
Date: 27-28 October 2014
Venue: Paramaribo - Suriname

In accordance with its 2014 Annual Work Plan and within the framework of the Statistical Capacity Building (StatCaB) Programme, SESRIC organised the Training Programme on 'Information Society Statistics' at the General Bureau of Statistics (GBS) in Paramaribo, Republic of Suriname on 27-28 October 2014. The Course was conducted by Mr. Bouazza Bouchkhar, Statistics Expert at the Directorate of Statistics-HCP with the participation of relevant officials of the GBS.

As defined in the Classification of Statistical Activities (CSA Rev. 1 - October 2009), information society statistics allows to assess the use and impact of information and communication technologies on society, and includes access and use of ICTs (including Internet), ICT expenditure and investment, ICT infrastructure, telecommunication networks, electronic communications, e-government, electronic commerce, e-learning, broadband penetration, ICT services, communication tariffs, network infrastructure, revenues, expenses and investment of operators, Internet indicators, trade in telecommunications equipment.

The training course on 'Information Society Statistics' also included discussion activities and focused on the following topics:

  • Institutional Framework
  • National Strategy for Development of statistical information
  • Development of statistics on the information society
  • Roles of the national and international stakeholders in the field of information society statistics
  • ICT Sector: Services, Industry and Wholesale
  • The access and use of ICT
  • Capacity and knowledge in the field of statistics on the information society
  • Policy instruments necessary for the development of the information society (Regulation, Legislation, National Strategy on ICT)