Training Course on ‘Occupational Safety’ in Albania
Date: 21-23 October 2014
Venue: Tirana - Albania

The Centre organised a training course on ‘Occupational Safety’ at State Labour Inspectorate, Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, Albania, on 15-16 September 2014. The training course was provided by Mrs. Gizem Naz Dölek, Expert of Occupational Safety and Health, and Mrs. Esra Yılmaz, Environmental Engineer at the Occupational Health and Safety Centre (ISGUM) affiliated to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Turkey.


The 3 day training course on ‘Occupational Safety’ mainly covered the following subjects:

  • Introduction to occupational hygiene & safety
  • Chemical risk factors at workplaces
  • Workplace exposure measurements (General Overwiev)
  • Workplace exposure measurements (volatile organic compounds, heavy metal)
  • Workplace exposure measurements (formaldehyde, ammonia and dust exposures)
  • Workplace exposure measurements (dust exposures)
  • Step to step inorganic acid sampling and analyzing methodology
  • Hazard vs. Risk
  • OSH legislation
  • Risk Assessment Tethodology (5x5 Matrix)
  • Workshop on RA
  • Risk assessment methodology (3T)
  • General aspects of hygiene laboratory accreditation