Training Course on 'Informal Sector Statistics' in Uganda
Date: 05-07 November 2014
Venue: Kampala - Uganda

In accordance with its 2014 Annual Work Plan, SESRIC will organise the Training Course on 'Informal Sector Statistics' at the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) in Kampala on 05-07 November 2014, within the framework of the Statistical Capacity Building (StatCaB) Programme. The Course will be provided by Mr. Ahmed Sanusi, Statistics Expert at National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) of Nigeria with the participation of relevant officials of UBOS.

The subject area “Informal Sector” is currently classified under the “Economic Accounts” section, an activities category under the “Economic Statistics” domain.The training course on “Informal Sector Statistics” covered the following topics:  

  • Overview of Informal Sector
  • Definition/Type of Informal Sector
  • Informal Sector and Poverty
  • Possible Action Policy
  • Drivers of Informal Sector
  • Measurement of Informal sector
  • Direct Measurement
  • Indirect Measurement