Training Course on “Derivative Markets and Instruments & Marginal Trading” in Sudan
Date: 22-23 December 2014
Venue: Khartoum - Sudan

The Centre organised a training programme on “Derivative Markets and Instruments & Marginal Trading” at the Khartoum Stock Exchange on 22-23 December 2014, within the framework of OIC Capacity Building Programme for Stock Exchanges (OIC-SEP). The Course was provided Mrs. Touba Dehghani Ahmad Abad, Head of Market Operations, Tehran Stock Exchange of Iran, with participation of relevant members of the Khartoum Stock Exchange of Sudan.

The training course on “Derivative Markets and Instruments & Marginal Trading” mainly covered the following subjects:

  • Single Stock Future Contracts Definition- Standard Terms- Contract Specifications-Criteria of Underlying Stocks
  • Organizations that Facilitate Futures Trading
  • Closing a Futures Position: Offset or Reversing Trade
  • Daily Settlement & Call Margin
  • Corporate Action Settlement: Delivery or Cash Settlement Commissions- Regulation of Futures Markets
  • Option Definition- Advantages of Option Trading- Standard Terms
  • Option Basic Trading Strategies
  • Option Risk Management
  • Corporate Action- Option Exercise Process
  • Margin Trading Definition- Buying On Margin
  • Short Selling