Training Course on 'Wholesale and Retail Trade Statistics' in Azerbaijan'
Date: 20-22 April 2015
Venue: Baku - Azerbaijan

In accordance with its 2015 Annual Work Plan, SESRIC organised the training course on 'Wholesale and Retail Trade Statistics' at the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan (AZSTAT) on 20-22 April 2015, within the framework of the Statistical Capacity Building (StatCaB) Programme. The course was conducted by Mr. Abdullah Yuksel, Expert at the Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT), with participation of relevant officials of AZSTAT.

As defined in the Classification of Statistical Activities (CSA Rev. 1 - October 2009); business statistics – a statistical activity category under the Economic Statistics domain – covers economy wide statistics on the activities of enterprises, covers work on economic statistics across different sectors, deals with topics like statistics on economic activities of enterprises, business demography, business investment, business services, demand for services, industrial performance, enterprises by size class, industrial production, commodities, structure of sales and services, outputs of the service industries, non-profit institutions.

The training course on 'Wholesale and Retail Trade Statistics' focused on the following topics:

  • Classification of Wholesale and Retail Trade (NACE Rev.2, CPA 2008)
  • Value Index and Deflation
  • Imputation Techniques: Estimation of Missing Data
  • Seasonal Adjustment of Monthly Retail Trade Index
  • Structural Business Statistics: Annual Statistics
  • Internal Audits in Order to Monitor the Status of the Application Documents for Quality Management

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