Training Courses for Palestinians
Date: 23-27 March 2015
Venue: Istanbul - Türkiye

A group of eight trainees from different vocational schools of Palestine received training at the Centre for Art and Vocational Training Courses of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İSMEK) on 23-27 March 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey, on the subjects of “Sewing for Ladies Clothing”, “Glassworks and Ceramic Styling” and “Skin Care”. The five-day training programme has been hosted by İSMEK and participants were rewarded with certificates.

ISMEK Master Trainer Programme (IMTP) is a programme developed jointly by SESRIC and İSMEK within the framework of the Vocational Education and Training Programme of the OIC Member Countries (OIC-VET) to provide intensive free training courses to master trainers from competent authorities and implementing agencies striving for enhancing vocational eucation and training (VET) of the OIC Member Countries.