Training Course on ‘‘Cross-border Activities’’ in Djibouti
Date: 28-30 September 2015
Venue: Djibouti City - Djibouti

The Centre organised, a training course on ‘‘Cross-border Activities’’ on 28-30 September 2015 at the venue of the Djibouti Railways Company (SDCF). The three day course was provided by tow experts Mr. Kadir Eryiğit and Mr. Çağdaş Görgülü nominated from the Turkish State Railways (TCDD), Turkey. The target group of this three day training course was the participants from the SDCF and Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC). The Training Course on ‘‘Cross-border Activities’’ mainly covered the following subjects:

  • Traffic, Freight Transport and Technical Specifications of Interoperability Affairs
  • Rolling Stock Conditions

The goals of the course are below:

  • To know the process which regulate border crossings
  • To know international legislation related to border crossings
  • To increase service quality about border crossings
  • To understand transactions of TCDD border crossings
  • To know data processing applications about border crossings
  • To know organisation and work plan of common exchange stations
  • To create awareness for responsible personnel of border crossings
  • To find solutions to the problems of border crossings