Training Course on ‘‘Green House Farming’’
Date: 16-17 September 2015
Venue: Kampala - Uganda

The Centre in collaboration with the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU), Uganda organised a two day training course on ‘‘Green House Farming’’ in Kampala, Uganda. The target group of this two day training course was the potential entrepreneurs of green-house farming and staffs from different relevant institutions of Uganda. The two day training course was conducted by the experts, Mr. Veysel Aras, Agricultural Engineer at the Alata Horticultural Research Institute, Department of Breeding and Genetic in the constitution of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Livestock, Turkey and Dr. Ayhan Aydin. Below topics were covered in the two day course:

  • New Developments in ‘‘Greenhouse Farming’’
  • Greenhouse Building Technique
  • Affect of Factors for the Selection of Greenhouse Location
  • Preparation of Sowing-Planting Location
  • Sowing-Planting in Greenhouse (Using Soil Mixture, Seed Sowing, Seedling Planting)
  • Using of Prepared Seedling
  • System of Irrigation in Greenhouse
  • Ventilation and Climatization in Greenhouse
  • Tomato Growing in Greenhouse
  • Pepper Growing in Greenhouse
  • Eggplant Growing in Greenhouse
  • Cucumber Growing in Greenhouse
  • Melon Growing in Greenhouse
  • Watermelon Growing in Greenhouse