Phaco Training Project in Senegal
Date: 25 July - 08 August 2015
Venue: Dakar - Senegal

Phaco Training Project, which was implemented in Dakar, Senegal during the period 25 July-8 August 2015 in partnership with İNSADER (Human Health Association), a member of Ibn Sina Alliance of Health NGOs, was successfully completed.

The project was realised in Dakar Le Dantec Hospital with the objective of providing training on modern eye surgery techniques for Senegalese doctors on phaco surgery via the existing phaco equipments procured with the support of TIKA (Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency). A team of volunteer doctors gave training to 13 Senegalese doctors for two weeks with new phaco device and treated 75 patients who suffered from cataract by surgery.

Dantec hospital in Dakar, was founded in 1890 at the capital city, and carries the distinction of being the largest hospitals with 1,000 beds in Senegal. Hospital Director Aissatou Sy Ndiaye stated at the opening ceremony that the technical assistance projects that were applied by SESRIC and TIKA were very valuable for them and will set an example for other projects. During the ceremony, the representatives of the hospitals stated that they wish to benefit more from the experience of Turkish hospitals in the future and thanked to the institutions to organize similar projects.