SESRIC-IDB Seminar Series
Date: 05 October 2015
Venue: Ankara - Türkiye

As part of the joint SESRIC-IDB Seminar Series, the world renowned economist Professor Kaoru Yamaguchi from the Japan Futures Research Centre delivered a seminar under the title of: Money and Macroeconomic Dynamics, an Accounting System Dynamics Approach.

Professor Kaoru Yamaguchi started off by emphasizing that the Debt Money System which we are currently living under has been, for centuries, the root cause of many socio-economic instabilities and disasters such as booms and depressions, inflation and deflation, unemployment, inequality, wars, and environmental destruction, in addition to serving less than 1% of humanity. Professor Kaoru Yamaguchi continued his presentation by proposing a new system which he called Public Money System. Professor Kaoru Yamaguchi argued that the new system is the solution for the on-going financial and national debt crises that cannot be overcome by the existing macroeconomic policies.

At the end of the presentation, Professor Kaoru Yamaguchi answered the question of the attendees and engaged with them in a lively discussion about his proposed public money system.