Training Course on ‘‘Early Warning Systems (Multi-Hazard)’’
Date: 24-25 November 2015
Venue: Baku - Azerbaijan

The Centre in collaboration with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Azerbaijan and Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, Bangladesh organised a training course on ‘‘Early Warning Systems (Multi-Hazard)’’ on 24-25 November 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Mr. Md. Ruhul Amin, Deputy Director, Cyclone Preparedness Programme (CPP), Chittagong, Bangladesh provided the two day course covering below topics which was attended by the employees from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Azerbaijan and participants from other relevant institutions:

  • Concept of Hazard: Bangladesh (Power point Presentation & Video) & Azerbaijan (Group Discussion)
  • Multi-Hazards: Early Warning System in Bangladesh
  • The Cyclone Preparedness Programme (CPP): Early Warning System in Bangladesh (Power Point Presentation & Video)
  • Role of Volunteer in Early Warning System (Dedication, Commitment & Sincerity; Saves Millions of Life) (Power Point Presentation & Video)
  • Public Awareness Activities in Early Warning System (Multi-Hazard) (Power Point Presentation & Video)
  • Cyclone & Flood Warning Dissemination System in Bangladesh (PowerPoint Presentation & Video )
  • Preparedness at Household & Community Level
  • Earthquake Preparedness: What to do Before, During and After the Earthquake
  • Formation of ‘‘Urban Volunteer’’ on Earthquake Preparedness in Bangladesh (PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Possibility of Early Warning & Preparedness Program regarding Hazards in Azerbaijan (Group Work)
  • Concluding Session: Formation of ‘‘Disaster Preparedness Volunteer’’ at National & Global Level
  • Review of the Training (Open Group Discussion), Q&A Session in Post Evaluation, Course Evaluation, Recommendation