Training Course on ‘Water Management: Using Modern Irrigation Facilities’
Date: 06-07 December 2015
Venue: Kabul - Afghanistan

In accordance with its 2015 Annual Work Plan, SESRIC organised the training course on “Water Management: Using Modern Irrigation Facilities” at the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on 6-7 December 2015, within the framework of the OIC Agriculture Capacity Building Programme (OIC-AgriCaB). The course was conducted by Mr. Ali Çağlar ÇELİKCAN, Ms. Aylin ÇELİK and Mr. Korkut Gokhan Kurtar expert at Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Republic of Turkey with the participation of experts from Ministry of Agriculture and relevant Agricultural Institutions, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Below topics were covered in the two day course:

  • Rudiments on Irrigation and Irrigation Systems
  • Drought Management in Turkey
  • Planning Principles of Small Scale of Irrigation Ponds
  • GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project)
  • Evaluation / Questions / Future Plans / Cooperation Opportunities