Training Course on ‘Using Molecular Techniques for Cotton Breeding’
Date: 04-05 October 2016
Venue: Khartoum - Sudan

SESRIC organised a Training Course on “Using Molecular Techniques for Cotton Breeding” within the framework of the OIC Cotton Training Programme (OIC-CTP) in Khartoum, Sudan on 04-05 October 2016. The course was provided by Prof. Dr. Tayyab Husanain and Prof. Dr. Idrees Ahmad Nasir, from Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology, University of the Punjab, Pakistan. The target group of this training course were experts from University of Khartoum, University of Bahri, Omdurman Islamic University, Al Zaiem Alazhari University, University of Bakht Al-Ruda Al-Dewaym, Agricultural Research Corporation (ARC) Sudan and National Referral Center of Sudan.

Training Course on “Using Molecular Techniques for Cotton Breeding” mainly focused on the following topics:

  • Introduction of Agriculture and Health Biotechnology at CEMB applications and achievements
  • Plant Breeding and Applied Genetics
  • Biotechnology Provides New Tools for Plant Breeding
  • Use of molecular markers in plant breeding
  • History of Bt Cotton Development at CEMB
  • Transgenic Cotton varieties developed by CEMB a case study
  • Prospects of Biotechnology and future Developments
  • Traditional and Modern Plant Breeding Methods with Examples
  • Fingerprinting and Markers for Crop Improvement
  • Genetic purity analysis of cotton (Gossypium spp.,) hybrids using SSR Markers and Gene Pyramiding for Biotic Resistance through Marker Assisted Selection
  • Assigning different topics to the participants to use advance technology for Preparation of proposals to solve the problems of cotton in their country