Practical and Theoretical Training Course on ‘The Use of Advanced Technology in Cotton Production’
Date: 12-16 December 2016
Venue: Lahore and Multan-Pakistan -

SESRIC organised a five days training course on “The Use of Advanced Technology in Cotton Production” within the framework of the OIC Cotton Capacity Building Programme (OIC-CTP) in Lahore and Multan, Pakistan on 12-16 of December 2016.

The training course mainly focused on the following topics:


  • Genetic modification of cotton
  • Competent cells preparation.
  • Agrobacterium inoculum preparation and electroporation
  • Embryo isolation and treatment.
  • Demonstration about biolistic gun
  • Culturing of treated embryo on MS medium.
  • Sub-culturing of developing embryo on selection medium
  • DNA isolation from transgenic crops.
  • Gel interpretation of isolated DNA
  • Introduction to polymerase chain reaction, types and its use in GMO detection
  • PCR for amplification of gene of interest
  • Gel interpretation of amplified product
  • mRNA expression of transgene through real time PCR
  • Setting up of real time PCR for virus quantification
  • Interpretation of results of real time PCR
  • Development of Bt Cotton
  • Role of biosafety studies in the commercialization of transgenic cotton
  • Short hairpin RNA engineering and in planta gene silencing
  • Quantification of Bt protein in transgenic cotton
  • Hybrid seed production technology, transformation and expression studies of Cry1Ac+Cry2A and GT gene
  • Fluorescent in situ hybridization of transgenic cotton for copy
  • Expression analysis of cotton plants through microarray
  • Cotton crop production and management
  • Cotton varietal evaluation and testing system.