Training Course on 'Future Prospects of Agroforestry in Sustainable Rural/Community Development'
Date: 13-16 December 2016
Venue: Banjul, - Gambia

SESRIC organised a training course on “The Future Prospects of Agroforestry in Sustaınable Rural Development” within the framework of the Environmental Capacity Building Programme (Environment-CaB) in Banjul, Gambia on 13-15 of December 2016.

The training course mainly focused on the following topics:



  • Forestry and its prospects in Gambia
  • History, definition and concept of agro-forestry
  • Classification of agro-forestry systems
  • Concept of sustainable forest development/growth
  • Role of agro-forestry in sustainable forest development
  • Benefits of agroforestry systems
  • Agroforestry practices in the world
  • Thematic areas for sustainable forest management
  • Challenges and prospects to sustainable forest development
  • Prospects of sustainable forest management in Gambia
  • Deforestation a threat to mankind
  • Reforestation/Afforestation a way forward to overcome deforestation