Training Course on ‘Environment Statistics’ in Bangladesh
Date: 21-24 November 2016
Venue: Dhaka - Bangladesh

In accordance with its 2016 Annual Work Plan and within the framework of Statistical Capacity Building (StatCaB) Programme, SESRIC organised the Training Course on ‘Environment Statistics' at Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) of People’s Republic of Bangladesh on 21-24 November 2016.

The Training Course was conducted by Mr. Emmanuel MENYHA, Principal Statistician at the Uganda Bureau of Statistics of Republic of Uganda with the participation of relevant officials of BBS.

As defined in the Classification of Statistical Activities (CSA Rev. 1 - October 2009;; Environment – includes topics like climate, climate change (including measurement of the socio-economic aspects of climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation), biodiversity, environment and health, natural resources, soil, water, air, landscape, waste, environmental expenditure, expenditure for the protection of the environment, environmental accounts, agri-environmental indicators, environmental pressure, environmental impact of industry, transport, energy etc., environmental monitoring, material flow analysis, environmental decoupling indicators, pollution, ecosystems, land use and cover, environmental protection, nationally protected areas.

The Training Course on 'Environment Statistics’ included discussion activities with a focus on the following topics:

  • Strengthening environment statistics for monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
  • Conceptual foundation and structure of the FDES,
  • From the Basic to the Core Set of Environment Statistics,
  • The Environment Statistics Self-Assessment Tool (ESSAT),
  • Environmental Conditions and Quality,
  • Environmental Resources and their Use,
  • Residuals: Emissions, solid waste generation and management, waste water statistics, Climate change,
  • Statistics on Extreme Events and Disasters,
  • Statistics on Human Settlements and Environmental Health,
  • Statistics on Environmental Protection, Management and Engagement,
  • Brief on Action Plan for Environment Statistics and National Compendium,
  • The 10 principles of data quality and
  • Considerations in the Environment modules of Household or agricultural surveys

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