Training Course on ''Cross Border Activities''
Date : 21-22 December 2016 Venue : Dhaka - Bangladesh

SESRIC organised a two day long training course on “Cross Border Activities” at the venue of the Bangladesh Railway on 21-22 December 2016. Two experts from the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) conducted the course, with the participation of the staffs from the Mechanical, Traffic, Railway Police and Finance Departments of the Bangladesh Railway.

The training workshop focused on the following topics:


  • Operational applications at exchange stations
  • Deliver a train at exchange station
  • Sending a train at exchange station
  • Personnel exchange
  • Documents exchange
  • Oral communication at exchange stations
  • Communication tools between two countries
  • Pre- preparation before exchanging trains
  • Signaling units
  • Controlling and inspecting the rolling stocks at exchange stations
  • Personnel exchange
  • Customs affairs
  • Safety and security
  • Passport and police applications