Training Course on ‘Environmental Sensitivity Mapping in Suriname’
Date: 15-17 March 2017
Venue: Paramaribo - Suriname

SESRIC organised a Training Course on “Environmental Sensitivity Mapping in Suriname” within the framework of the Environment Capacity Building Programme (Environment-CaB) on 15-17 March 2017 in Paramaribo, Suriname. The training course mainly focused on the following topics:



  • Introduction of Environmental sensitivity mapping (ES MAP)
  • ES Maps: A History
  • Technology Enhances ES Maps
  • Color Copiers and Database Improvements
  • Geographic Information System Technology
  • ES Maps Guidelines
  • ES Maps Today
  • Environmental Mapping
  • Transformations in Coastal Mapping: 1987 - 2007
  • Controlling the Imagery
  • The Way It Is…
  • Photographing the Coast
  • The Way It Was…
  • Mapping and Delivering the Shoreline
  • A Vision for Coastal Ecosystem Research
  • stuaries: Where Land and Water Intertwine
  • Sanctuaries: Marine Parks
  • Coral Reefs: Rainforests of the Sea
  • Coastal Oceans
  • Introduction to Geographical Information System (GIS )
  • What is GIS
  • What is Remote Sensing
  • Simple Definition
  • Features of the GIS
  • Vector (Feature) Data
  • Raster
  • What makes data spatial
  • Why is GIS Important
  • History of GIS
  • Components of a GIS
  • Soft wares
  • Tools (functions) in GIS
  • How GIS Works
  • GIS Applications:
  • Can I Use This in My Discipline?