Training Workshop on ‘Environmental Impact Assessment’
Date: 22-24 May 2017
Venue: Ankara - Türkiye

SESRIC in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Republic of Turkey organized a Training Workshop on “Environmental Impact Assessment” within the framework of the Environment Capacity Building Programme (Environment-CaB) on 22-24 May 2017 in Ankara, Turkey.

The training workshop was provided by 5 experts from Turkey and Pakistan, namely, Dr. Saif Ur Rehman Kashif from the University of Veterinary and Live Sciences and Mrs. Saman Sana from the University of Punjab, Pakistan; Mr. Kenan Ocak, Ms. Nuray Toprakkariştiran and Ms. Nihan Şahin Hamamcı from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Turkey,.

The training was attended by 24 environment experts from 14 OIC Member Countries, namely, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Gambia, Jordan, Maldives, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Suriname, Somalia Tunisia, Turkey and Uganda. The training included theoretical knowledge exchanging and practical course at Environment Reference Laboratory at Gölbaşı, Ankara.

The main objectives of the workshop were as following:

  • Introduce the concept of EIA within the framework of sustainability to the participants from OIC Member Countries,
  • Understand importance and procedural parameters to carry out an EIA on proposed projects,
  • Develop baseline for EIA,
  • Identify, predict, and analyze impacts on the physical environment, as well as social, cultural, and health impacts,
  • Develop capacity to conduct EIAs as well as EIA reviews,
  • Acquire techniques for monitoring environmental impacts,
  • Avoid irreversible changes and serious damage to the environment,
  • Safeguard valued resources, natural areas, and ecosystem components,
  • Identify and quantify any potential losses or damage to flora, fauna and natural habitats,
  • Promote environmentally sound and sustainable development through the identification of appropriate enhancement and mitigation measures,
  • Promote the use of EIA as a planning tool for OIC Member Countries.
  • Lecture focused on the following topics:
  • General introduction and history of EIA
  • Common challenges of EIA and its implementation
  • Impact Methodologies
  • Public Participation
  • Developing Baseline for EIA
  • EIA approval process, management plan and monitoring
  • Good practices of EIA in various countries,
  • SEA, SIA role of international communities to strengthen EIA system and its implementation, EIA report making
  • By-law on EIA in Turkey
  • EIA implementation for energy investments in Turkey
  • EIA implementation for transportation and coastal zone investments in Turkey
  • By-law on SEA in Turkey
  • Environment Reference Laboratory at Gölbaşı, Ankara