Training Course on ‘Cotton Varieties and Efficient Cultivation Technologies’
Date: 15-19 May 2017
Venue: Baku - Azerbaijan

SESRIC organised a training course on ‘Cotton Varieties and Efficient Cultivation Technologies’ within the framework of Capacity Building Project on Development of Cotton Sector in OIC Member Countries in Baku, Azerbaijan on 15- 19 May 2017. The course was provided by 3 experts from Nazilli Cotton Research Institute of Turkey Ms. Şerife Balcı, Ms. Özlem Yıldırancan and Ms. Nazife Özkan. The target group of this training course were experts from Agrarian Science Consultation and Information Center, Ganca Cotton Research Institute,Genetic Resources Institute of ANAS, State Sort Testing Commission.

The training course was for 5 days, four days for theoritical knowledge and the 5th day was used for practical work where seeds from Turkey were planted to cap the programme. The training course on ‘Cotton Varieties And Efficient Cultivation Technologies’ mainly focused on the following topics:

  • Introduction of plant breeding and applied genetics
  • Hybridization techniques for cotton breeding
  • Introduction Cotton Seed
  • Practical training for seedling
  • Seedling preparing stages
  • Cotton seed quality characters
  • Free fatty acids in cotton seed
  • Efficient cultivation technics for cotton crop production and management
  • Cotton varietal evaluation and testing system
  • Traditional and modern plant breeding methods with examples
  • Assigning different topics to the participants to use advance technology for preparation of proposals to solve the problems of cotton in Azerbaijan
  • Development of new cotton varieties for high yield
  • Discussion on mutual collaboration between Turkey and Azerbaijan
  • Plant breeding and applied genetics
  • Seed vitality, Seed vigor, Cutting Test , Standard Germination Tests, Cool Germination Test
  • Importance of cotton seed in Turkey
  • The factors of the cotton seed Germination
  • Storage of the cotton seeds
  • Delintation seed coating and coating materials
  • The effect of free fatty acids on germination
  • Practical training
  • Testing/planting of new Varieties