Workshop on ‘Tobacco Questions for Surveys (TQS): Data Analysis & Dissemination’
Date: 16-17 August 2017
Venue: Ankara - Türkiye

The Workshop on ‘Tobacco Questions for Surveys (TQS): Data Analysis and Dissemination’ was organised by SESRIC in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and CDC Foundation on 16-17 August 2017 in Ankara, Republic of Turkey.

The said Workshop had the objective to share the knowledge and experiences encountered throughout the integration process of TQS into ongoing surveys and provide comprehensive information and technical support to the OIC Member Countries in the way forward.

The Workshop was attended by 38 delegates from the National Statistical Offices (NSOs) and Ministries of Health of Cameroon of 13 OIC member countries including Cameroon, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon, Gambia, Indonesia, Mali, Palestine, Qatar, Sierra Leone, Suriname, Tajikistan and Turkey. The representatives of the CDC Foundation, the World Health Organization (WHO) Headquarters, WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (WHO-EMRO), WHO Turkey Office and Turkish Green Crescent (YESILAY) also participated in the Workshop.

At the outset, H.E. Amb. Musa KULAKLIKAYA, Director General of SESRIC, highlighted the important of robust monitoring to tailor best policies in combating the tobacco epidemic. In this respect, SESRIC engages with the OIC member countries to encourage the integration of TQS, the subset of key questions from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS), into the ongoing national surveys. Through this collaboration, it is expected that the integration of TQS into the framework of ongoing surveys in OIC member countries will serve as a mechanism to harmonize and standardize the monitoring of key tobacco control indicators regularly and promote sustainability and integration with other risk factors surveillance initiatives.

During the two-day workshop, Ms. Nenden Octavarulia SHANTY, Researcher at SESRIC, delivered “SESRIC TQS Engagement Process”; Dr. Lubna BHATTI from the WHO Headquarters made presentation on “Monitoring Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Targets and Tracking the Tobacco Epidemic”; Ms. Rachna CHANDORA from CDC Foundation presented “Introduction to TQS, Review of TQS Analysis Indicators, Tables, and TQS Fact Sheet, including the Dissemination and Data to Action”; and Dr. Heba FOUAD from WHO-EMRO delivered “Dissemination and Data to Action”, respectively. Additionally, Cameroon, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Gambia, Indonesia, Mali, Tajikistan and Turkey shared their country experiences in integrating TQS into their national surveys and in controlling the tobacco use in their countries.

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Opening Session

  • Welcome Speech of H.E. Ambassador Musa KULAKLIKAYA, Director General of SESRIC (English)
  • Welcome Speech of Dr. Pavel URSU, WHO Representative in Turkey (English)
  • Welcome Speech of Ms. Rachna CHANDORA, CDC Foundation (English)


  • SESRIC TQS Engagement Process (English)
  • The Global Burden of Tobacco: Monitoring Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Targets and Tracking the Tobacco Epidemic (English)
  • Tobacco Questions for Surveys (TQS): A Subset of Key Questions from GATS (English)
  • Review of TQS Analysis Indicators, Tables, and TQS Fact Sheet (English)
  • Dissemination and Data to Action (English)
  • Data Dissemination and Usage (English)

Country Presentations: TQS Implementation Experience

  • Smoking Situation and Tobacco Control in Cameroon (English)
  • Integration of TQS into the Survey on Household Living Conditions and Poverty in Chad (French)
  • The Results of Tobacco Survey Integrated into ENSESI 2016 in Cote d’Ivoire (French)
  • Gambia’s Experience in Integrating TQS (English)
  • Indonesia Experience in Integrating TQS into the National Survey (English)
  • Mali’s Experience in Integrating TQS into the National Survey (French)
  • Results of the Consumption of Tobacco Products in Adults in Tajikistan (English)
  • Sampling Design of 2012 Global Adult Tobacco Use Survey in Turkey (English)
  • Tobacco Control in Turkey (English)