14th Session of the UN-OIC General Meeting on Cooperation
Date: 03-05 July 2018
Venue: Rabat - Morocco

The 14th Session of UN-OIC Coordination Meeting was held at the ISESCO Headquarters on 03-05 July 2018 in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco. The biannual regular meeting evaluated the progress of joint cooperation activities in order to set directions, make assessments, evaluate prospects and provide a follow-up for collaboration between the two major international organizations and it was attended by high level delegations from both the OIC General Secretariat and relevant institutions of the OIC and the UN.

During the three-day meeting, SESRIC presented its progress reports on the implementation of the agreed activities between the two organisations, during the three working groups; namely, Political Matters; Economic Issues; and Cultural, Social and Humanitarian Issues.

In addition to the adaptation of the cooperation matrix, the meeting also adopted a number of recommendations on election partnership; fight against terrorism; protection against violent extremism, human rights and rules of law; peace building; countering conflicts; democracy and good governance; economic, scientific, cultural, social and human affairs; and south-south cooperation.