Project on ‘Improving Islamic Tourism Ecosystem in OIC Member Countries: Destination and Industry Development’
Date: 09-12 July 2018
Venue: Malatya - Türkiye

SESRIC organised a training programme on Muslim Friendly Tourism (MFT) under the theme “Improving Islamic Tourism Ecosystem in OIC Member Countries: Destination and Industry Development”. The training took place in the historical city of Malatya, Turkey on 09-12 July 2018.

This included two days training course and two days study visits in the area. The main objective of the programme was to provide participants with an exceptional opportunity to learn how to develop a sound Islamic tourism destination and industry in their countries.

The training was provided by experts of the Islamic Tourism Centre of Malaysia (ITC).

During the two days dedicated to field visits, participants had the possibility to acquire practical knowledge in developing a competitive tourism destination based on the Turkish experience. During the study visits, participants explored the opportunity of what it means to be an Islamic Tourism Destination. They conducted an analysis for the district of Malatya with the aim of helping policymakers and better informing them about the potentials and challenges of the area regarding Muslim Friendly Tourism.

Moreover, industry development priorities were identified at the end of the study visit.

The training was part of a project funded by The Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC), under the COMCEC Project Funding (CPF) scheme, which aims at strengthening the capacities of the Ministries of Tourism and Culture of the OIC Countries and foster further development of the Muslim Friendly Tourism through capacity development trainings, exchange of experiences and know-how, as well as by identifying a roadmap for Islamic Tourism Destination.

The district of Malatya, located in east-central Turkey, was selected as a case study due to its historic and cultural potential going back to the Ottoman and Seljuk Empires, which was a unique opportunity for the participants to study the city as a case of MFT destination and industry development.

This project was a continuation of “Development and Promotion of Muslim Friendly Tourism (MFT)” Project implemented by SESRIC in 2017, within the same project funding scheme.

The funding was provided by the Turkish government through the Development Bank of Turkey in the form of a grant, which is one of the main bodies in the COMCEC Project Funding scheme.

Several SESRIC projects have been financed by this scheme since 2014.

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