Start-up Workshop on Digital Transformation and Diversification of Postal Services in OIC Countries
Date: 26-28 June 2018
Venue: Tunis - Tunisia

SESRIC, in collaboration with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and La Poste Tunisienne, organized a Workshop on Digital Transformation and Diversification of Postal Services on 26-28 June 2018, in Tunis, Tunisia.

In the focus of the workshop was the enhancement of the human and organisational capacity of the postal institutions, in order to help beneficiary countries develop their strategies for digital transformation. This will enable these institutions to participate in the digital economy and contribute to the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and OIC-2025 Programme of Action.

The workshop will help member countries explore ways and means on how postal institutions can ensure the global reach of digital services, contribute to the development of e-commerce, and participate in bridging the digital divide in developing countries – to better serve citizens, businesses and government.

The group of experts attending the workshop worked on drawing a roadmap and initiate activities around OIC countries to realize a successful digital transformation.

Digital transformation is gaining international interest and is touching every part of our society and economic life. More than half of the globe will be connected by 2020.

Countries like Turkey, UAE, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc., have make great achievements and have managed to have a lead in transforming their communities. Other OIC Countries had also managed to have managed also to have a fingerprint in this regard.