SESRIC Participated in the First Meeting of the Subgroup on Gender Statistics Training
Date: 16-18 January 2019
Venue: Bangkok-Thailand -

SESRIC participated in the First Meeting of the Subgroup on Gender Statistics Training organised by the UN Women’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific on 16-18 January 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The objectives of the meeting where to determine specific assignments for the Subgroup in line with its Terms of Reference and establish modalities of work. Moreover, in order to assess existing training needs to gender statistics for SDG monitoring in Asia and the Pacific, the meeting developed a questionnaire for distribution across National Statistical Offices (NSOs), line ministries, training institutions, academia, civil society and other relevant stakeholders.

The meeting brought together all the members of the Subgroup, which include data users and data producers from the region to discuss key priorities that will define the work of the subgroup in future months.

During the meeting, SESRIC briefed participants on its flagship capacity development programme, namely OIC Statistical Capacity Building (StatCaB) Programme for National Statistical Offices (NSOs) of OIC Countries, initiated in early 2007, including SESRIC realised and planned activities on gender statistics, Roster of Statistics Experts (ROSE) and SESRIC Statistical E-Learning Platform (SEP).