Training Course on “Application of Advanced Technology for the Enhancement of Cotton Productivity”
Date: 27 April - 01 May 2020
Venue: Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara - Türkiye

SESRIC organized a training course on “Application of Advanced Technology for the Enhancement of Cotton Productivity” on 27 April - 01 May 2020 through a video conferencing platform. The course was based on synchronous learning and instruction approaches.

The training course was organised within the framework of SESRIC’s OIC Cotton Training Programme (OIC-CTP) for the benefit of executives and experts from Mozambique Agricultural Research Institute (IIAM) and Cotton Research and Seed Multiplication Centre of Namialo (CIMSAN) of Mozambique and provided by a competent expert from the Centre for Excellence in Molecular Biology of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The course aimed to provide insights into increasing cotton productivity, usage of advanced technologies on cotton and effects of biotic and A-biotic stresses on cotton crop. It was designed in line with the virtual training solutions undertaken by SESRIC with a view to better serve utilization of the Centre’s training activities and its role as a knowledge exchange facilitator among the OIC Member States.  The training was also provided participants with an opportunity to be better engaged and motivated during this time of global crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Course Modules:

Module 1: Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants

Module 2: Impact of Abiotic and Biotic Stresses on Plant

Module 3: Transformation of Cotton for Drought Tolerance

Module 4: Gene Expression Profiling in G. Arboreum Root Under Drought Stress

Module 5: Role of Cotton Biotechnology

Module 6: Cotton Breeding and Cotton Varieties

Module 7: Plant Biotechnology in Muslim Countries

Module 8: Aphid Resistance in Cotton

Module 9: Varietal Approval Process

Module 10: Production Technology of Transgenic Cotton

Module 11: Advanced GM Research at CEMB

Module 12: Risk Assessment of Transgenic Plants