Training Course on ‘Definition, Classification and Regulations on Biological Agents: A Global Perspective’
Date: 20-22 September 2021
Venue: Virtual, Ankara - Türkiye

Within the framework of the OIC-OSHNET Work Plan 2021-2022, the Directorate General of Occupational Safety and Health (DGOSH) of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of the Republic of Turkey, in its capacity as the Secretariat of the OIC Occupational Safety and Health Network (OIC-OSHNET), organised a Training Course on “Definition, Classification and Regulations on Biological Agents: A Global Perspective” on 20-22 September 2021 through an online video conferencing platform.

In his speech at the opening session, Mr. Fadi FARASIN, Assistant Director General of SESRIC, stressed that the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that biological hazards are risks that require management at all workplaces and OSH institutions play a key role in ensuring preparedness and prevention for such biological hazards in the workplaces. He further stated that SESRIC, in its capacity as the Technical Coordinator of the OIC-OSHNET, is closely monitoring the activities implemented within the framework of the OIC-OSHNET Work Plan 2021-2022 and expressed the appreciation of the Centre to the Secretariat for its commitment and continuous support to the Network and its activities.

The training course covered the following topics:

  • Definition and Classification of Biological Agents,
  • Identification of Industries and Jobs That Expose Workers to Biological Agents,
  • Routes of Exposure to Biological Agents and Health Effects Associated with Biological Agents,
  • Health Surveillance of Workers Exposed or Potentially Exposed to Biological Agents,
  • Biological Agents Risk Assessment,
  • Implementing Control Measures to Eliminate, Prevent or Control Biological Risks,
  • Preventing COVID-19 at Work: Global Responses.

The OIC-OSHNET is an OIC platform established to create closer cooperation among the national OSH Institutions of the OIC Member States through sharing knowledge, experience and best practices. SESRIC assumes the role of the OIC Technical Coordinator of the OIC-OSHNET and provides facilitation and necessary technical support for the successful implementation of the activities organised within the framework of the OIC-OSHNET Work Plan 2021-2022.  For more details about the Network, please visit: