The Director General of SESRIC Addressed the 4th OIC Member States Conference on Mediation
Date: 05-06 June 2022
Venue: Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

H.E. Mr. Nebil DABUR, the Director General of SESRIC, addressed the 4th OIC Member States Conference on Mediation during the first session titled “the Role of the OIC and its Member States in the Area of Mediation”. He dedicated his address to highlighting the unique assets that the OIC has in fulfilling its mission in establishing peace and gave a historical perspective on the tireless efforts of the OIC, since its inception in 1969, to promote global peace, stability and security. In this context, Mr. DABUR pointed out that despite all the efforts of the OIC, achieving peace and security remains one of the most challenging tasks facing the OIC due to the undesirable state of conflicts in a great number of the Member Countries. He mentioned that the number of conflicts in OIC countries is showing an upward trend and currently the majority of conflicts in the world are taking place in OIC countries with devastating consequences on human life, society and the economy.

In his address, Mr. DABUR emphasised that prevention is the least costly way to avoid the consequences of conflict. To succeed at this, he underlined that there is a need to understand the drivers of conflict. Here, he emphasised the importance of promoting research on peace building and conflict resolution in order to identify the drivers of conflict and eliminate them. Mr. DABUR also underscored the need to develop new ideas, models, tools and proposals for conflict resolution and prevention relevant to the OIC context with special attention to the areas of power sharing and wealth sharing as these are now among the contentious issues in OIC Countries experiencing conflicts.

Mr. DABUR concluded his address by expressing his confidence that the 4th OIC Member States Conference on Mediation will contribute to enhancing the role of the OIC and its Member States in conflict resolution and peace building and in strengthening the Mediation Capacity of the OIC. To that end, he stated that SESRIC stands ready to provide any support that the OIC and its Member States may require in the Nobel goal of achieving peace.

The 4th OIC Member States Conference on Mediation “Experiences and Prospects” was organized by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) with the participation of more than 200 participants representing the OIC Member States, OIC institutions, the United Nations, the International Committee of Red Cross, the European Union, The Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council, special research centers, and regional and international figures in the field of mediation. The conference sought to enhance the OIC’s role in the field of establishing peace and security, as well as creating new mechanisms for mediation using OIC’s capacities and capabilities. It also aimed at exchanging regional and global experiences in the field of mediation and the prevention and settlement of conflicts.