The Director General of SESRIC, H.E. Mr. Nebil DABUR Presented the Main Findings of the Updated Draft Mid-Term Review Document of the OIC-2025 Programme of Action at the Second Intergovernmental Expert Group Meeting Organised by the OIC General Secretariat
Date: 22-24 November 2022
Venue: Hybrid, Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

The Second Intergovernmental Expert Group Meeting on the Mid-Term Review Document (MTRD) on the Implementation of the OIC-2025 Programme of Action (PoA) was organised by the OIC General Secretariat in a hybrid format at its Headquarters in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 22 and 24 November 2022. The Meeting brought together the permanent representatives of OIC member countries and representatives of the relevant OIC institutions.

In the first Working Session on 22 November 2022, H.E. Mr. Nebil DABUR, Director General of SESRIC presented the main findings of the updated draft MTRD titled “Road to 2025: Gains, Challenges and Opportunities”, which has been prepared and led by SESRIC since 2019, in accordance with Resolution 1/46-POA on OIC-2025 PoA (paragraph 3) endorsed at the 46th Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers in 2019, with the aim of assessing the progress of the OIC member countries towards achieving the 107 goals stipulated under the 18 priority areas of the OIC-2025 PoA. The draft updated Report provides analyses on selected major relevant statistical indicators concerning the priority areas of the OIC 2025 PoA. The analyses were based on the data provided by 30 OIC member countries through the “Questionnaire for the Mid-Term Review of the Implementation of the OIC-2025 PoA” as well as from the databases of relevant international organisations. The draft updated Report also suggests ways and means for accelerating the implementation of OIC-2025 PoA in the remaining years until 2025.

In his remarks, the Director General of SESRIC highlighted the problems and challenges the Centre has encountered while updating the MTRD, including the subjective nature of almost all goals under the OIC-2025 PoA; with only few quantitative targets. H.E. Mr. Nebil Dabur also underlined the lack of a pre-agreed indicator set and metadata together with the partial survey submissions by all the respondent member countries. After the remarks of the Director General of SESRIC, Dr. Atilla Karaman, Director of Statistics and Information Department of SESRIC, presented the progress between 2016 and 2021 (or most recent year available) of OIC member countries group based on the major selected indicators covered in the updated draft MTRD.

During the Working Sessions, the participants expressed their thanks to SESRIC for taking a lead role in updating the draft MTRD and provided their feedbacks concerning the entirety of the draft updated Document. The Meeting was concluded on 24 November 2022 with the adoption of the Report of the Meeting.